Constance no longer battles sickle cell disease. She found a perfect blood stem cell transplant match in her younger sister.

For many sickle cell patients, their only hope for a cure is to find a compatible donor on the Be The Match Registry. And ethnicity matters when finding a match, so more Black donors are urgently needed.

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Constance - cured of sickle cell disease

Constance never knew there was a cure for her sickle cell disease. At 22 years old she suffered frequent pain crises. She discovered a clinical trial that led to a successful blood stem cell transplant.

Constance is now cured from her sickle cell disease.

Do you suffer from sickle cell disease?

Connect with a Be The Match patient navigator to learn more about transplant, clinical trials, financial resources or to receive support from other sickle cell patients through our Peer Connect program.

One in 365 African Americans battle sickle cell disease. Among sickle cell patients, only 19% will find a compatible donor in their family. That means they need to find an unrelated donor for a blood stem cell transplant. Currently 4 out of 5 Black patients do not have a match on the Be The Match Registry.

More Black donors are urgently needed to help save lives.

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Not everyone has an equal chance at finding a cure, but your participation can help change that.

Black Americans
23% have
a match
3 out of 4 won’t find a matched, available donor.
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